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Motorized Folding Electric Treadmill with Automatic Incline

£299.99 £499.99

23.0 kg
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Foldable design for easy storage: Easy to fold and unfold with a soft drop hydraulic arm system that locks the treadmill into place. Save on storage space and time travelling to the gym, by keeping fit and healthy in the comfort of your home.

Sport app connection: Links to a sports app to makes the treadmill operation much easier and bring more fun to your exercise routines.

USB interface: The treadmill utilises blue-tooth and has built-in speakers, so you can listen to any music while exercising.

Ipad/Mobile phone holder and bottle holders: In this modern age of tablets and mobile phones, the device holder is a great and necessary addition to this premium treadmill. Bottle holders are located within easy reach for simple access to fluids.

Easy to read LCD display: There are 12 pre-installed running programs that closely mimic the experience of running outdoors.

Automatic incline matching technology: The automatic adjustable incline ranges from 0 to 15 degree. You can also manually choose the incline which you require.

Handlebars with hand grip pulse sensor, speed & incline buttons: The built in speed and incline buttons make it easier to adjust the slope and speed, allowing you to keep balance, while providing comfort for your hands.

Features at a glance:

  • Easy to read LED display.
  • Ipad/mobile holder and bottles holder.
  • Easy operation during exercising.
  • Easy to fold and unfold using the hydraulic arm.
  • Handlebars with hand grip pulse sensor and speed and incline buttons.
  • Automatic incline matching technology (adjust incline from 0 to 15 degrees)


  • Colour: Black
  • Frame Material: Heavy-duty Steel
  • Control Panel Material: ABS
  • Running Belt Material: PVC
  • Drive Motor: 2.5HP
  • Speed: 0.5/8.5 MPH
  • Runway Size: 49.2" x 17"
  • Overall Dimensions: 62.2" x 28" x 49.2"
  • Max. bear Weight: 264 LBS
  • Incline Adjustable: 0-15 Degree
  • LCD Display: Speed/Dist./Time/Cal./Scan/Heart Rate
  • Hand Grip: Heart Rate Sensor, Speed Button, Adjustable Incline Button
  • Control panel: start, stop, mode, speed increase and decrease, emergency, 12 automatic programs
Package Includes:
  • Premium Superior Treadmill
  • Instructions

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