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Creative Ideas for Family Photos on the Wall and Beyond

Creative Ideas for Family Photos on the Wall and Beyond

Personalised touches can go a long way when it comes to giving your living space and home decor a truly homely feel. And there is little that compares to making use of your favourite family photos for this purpose. 

Displaying pictures of loved ones is special personal touch that encompasses a thousand memories, meaning that each time you look at them it takes you back in time, helping you to relive the magical moments all over again. 

However, finding unique and creative ideas for family photos on wall surfaces, and deciding on the best way to display these pictures is not always obvious.

black and white family photo

Image credit: pinterest.com

I have listed some of the most cost-effective and simple ways to showcase your family photos and the priceless moments that they show.

There’s also a few things to consider with any family photo wall, like placement, colour schemes, and the many different layout styles you could adopt. 

As you will see though, they aren’t just restricted to standard and obvious locations like the wall, but also some other clever and more unique ideas.

Incorporate Family Photo Cushions


Image credit: customisedwithlove.com

Family photos printed on cushions are an ideal way to give your room that perfect injection of personalisation. It’s a great statement piece of home decor that adds colour and modern design, without too much effort. 

Simply choose some preferred family pictures, or select a random bunch of favourites and turn them into a collage. For a contrasting design, consider mixing and matching your colour photos with some in black and white. 

The best thing about incorporating personalised cushions into your decor is that they are not only washable, should any accidents occur, but also interchangeable if you have more than one.

Style Your Kitchen with Customised Place Mats


Image credit: puttyprint.co.uk

Two rooms that can often be neglected, in terms of personalisation and the display of family photos, are the kitchen and dining room. This may be quite surprising to some, as these spaces are where people spend a fair amount of their time.

So perhaps now is a good time to give your kitchen or dining area an added dose of family memories in the form of personalised accessories directly linked to your loved ones.

As you can see by the image above, we're talking about displaying family pictures in the form of placemats! The ideal decor piece for use on a dining table or simply set in the corner of a kitchen countertop for siting hot pans.

Add Contrasting Style with Black and White Photos


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

As far as ideas for family photos on wall surfaces go, these simplistic but stylish black framed pictures, used in this instance to create a family photo gallery wall, are a great contrasting design option to go for.

The mixture of portrait and landscape pictures, in varying sizes of image and frame, create a photo display that is both unique, but also works together as a collection, due to the black and white synergy. 

Clearly, it’s time to stock up on a range of black photo frames and create your very own stunning signature touch.

Spruce Up Your Staircase with Unique Wooden Frames


Image credit: pinterest.com

When done well, a staircase wall can be the perfect creative space for displaying family photos. It’s an integral part of your living space that gets walked past multiple times a day, so why not take things to the next level and enhance your stairway with a family photo wall.

Uniquely shaped light wood frames aligned in uniform patterns can add a feature gallery wall that stands out and adds flair to your wall decor. Get creative by playing around with sizes, shapes, colours, and placement for an extra unique family photo display.

In the example above, I love how the gallery style arrangement of the hexagon shaped wooden blocks add a modern touch that is a little different from the norm.

Add A Playful Touch With Family Photo Cubes

photo cube

Image credit: kenro.co.uk

For another unique way to take your personalised decoration to the next level, in terms of creative photo displays, this next idea featuring family photo cubes may be right up your street. 

Send your most cherished family photos for printing and let the experts handle the rest, as they create in block form your life’s greatest blessings.

These photo cubes are the perfect size for displaying in places where you’re limited on space, such as on small shelves, side tables, or as part of a coffee table display. You can also easily mix and match a few family photos showing memories of your little ones with some of your own.

Perhaps highlighting a special moment in your life, like a child’s graduation or first birthday, could be a great potential idea to utilise.

Wall Mount Beautiful Photo Canvases


Image credit: grainandweave.com.au

Completely plain white walls are not a common site in the world of interior design, unless of course the designer is going for a modern minimalistic look. However, using them as a crisp backdrop to your family photo wall is the perfect use.

Displaying family photos in such a modern and beautiful way, by using personalised photo canvases, can really elevate your room’s aesthetics. You can showcase your most favourite family moments or perhaps pick a coherent theme, like a particular holiday that was the trip of a lifetime for your family.

If you want to be even bolder with your design, use larger-scale canvasses to create a dramatic yet beautiful focal point to your room. And while we agree that image printing may not be the most affordable option to go for, the final result when in place is surely worth the extra cost for such a personalised and unique wall display. 

Create an Organic Gallery Wall

organic wall gallery

Image credit: birkleylaneinteriors.com

Mixing and matching a few photos of different sizes and styles, with other wall decor elements, is great way to add an organic feel to a gallery wall that’s a step above the usual display. Moreover, they give your family photo gallery wall a new found dimension, creating a stunning focal display.

Organic galleries can be equally at home in a kitchen, cosy living room or a hallway setting and ultimately feature decorative and special items that you love. After all, it wouldn’t feel like home if it didn’t include design elements that you adore.

The trick is to add pieces of wall decor that you value the most or treasured mementos that signal a special time in your life.

Some ideas to consider could include name initials, important dates, artefacts from overseas, and photos featuring family members.

Make Use of Interchangeable Photo Displays


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Grab a framed board, string and some pegs or clips and that’s it, you're all set! A cost-effective, fun, and dynamic way to display your family photos.

If you are one of those people that likes to change out family photos on a timely basis, this may be the perfect photo display idea for you. What better way could there be to build up a collage of old and new photo memories than this?

You could even get your kids involved when it’s time to give the board a revamp and update the photos. Any excuse to spend quality time with loved ones is a win win.

On a final note, who knew that pegs would come in handy for your home’s interior design!

Accentuate Walls With Rustic Frames


Image credit: remodelaholic.com

For me, rustic charm is a breath of fresh air when pitted against traditional or modern decor.

Rustic wooden frames, like the ones shown above made from recycled wooden boards, are miles away from the classic everyday frame.

However, using unique frames like these will add far more character to your rooms decor and make the most of any empty space in your home that needs a little uplift.

Try a Modern Twist on the Family Tree


Image credit: penneylanephotography.com

A family tree or family portrait are nothing new in terms of displaying your loved ones’ images. But this unique and modern-day version is great for elevating any living space with the perfect personalised touch.

Showcasing different generations of a family to feature your nearest and dearest is what this next idea encompasses. As you can see from the example above, It's about creating a photo, within a photo, within a photo, going from the oldest generation to the newest.

Close family and friends will love checking out the similarities and differences each family member has with the other generations. They say a picture paints a thousand words, safe to say that these family photos certainly won't need any explanation.

Display Priceless Memories on Brass Easels


Image credit: artifactuprising.com

Customizing your favourite family photos by displaying them on a brass easel is the perfect creative way to display images on countertops, desks, or a bedside table.

Small brass easels, like the one above, can serve as a great alternative to the standard types of picture frames that are found in most homes. Giving them a very different and unique look.

Simple, classy, and oh-so-beautiful! What do you think?

Ditch Conventional Frames For Washi Tape


Image credit: parabo.press

While there is nothing wrong with classic family photo walls that use conventional picture frame surrounds, opting for something less traditional and obvious is sure to grab peoples attention.

The basic premise of this ideas is to totally ditch the picture frame for washi tape. Then placing your favourite family photo prints in the centre, for a quirky and colourful touch.

All you need is some brightly decorated washi tape, patience and imagination to make the magic happen.

So bid farewell to annoying nail holes and opt for bright colourful borders to produce your newly crafted makeshift frames. The end result is a beautiful gallery wall effect that shows off your family pictures in a fun and quirky way. 

Repurpose Screen Dividers as Display Units


Image credit: kreisdesign.com

Who knew that screen dividers could potentially be a great place for showing off your most prized keepsakes and displaying family photos!

All you need is a wooden screen divider with holes in it (or drill them yourself) and some dowels to hold your shelves and hanging objects in place. Without too much effort or cost, you have created the ultimate blank canvas for displaying decorative items, plants, hanging storage solutions and a few of your favourite family photographs.

This could also be a great storage or display solution for any office, whether that be at home, or work.

Line Photos on Picture Ledges


Image credit: gatherlemons.com

If you are searching for a way to display your framed family photos without breaking the bank, I’ve got just the thing. The ideal blend of beautiful wooden picture ledges, with being able to show your most precious family photos in a long linear display.

This quick and easy solution is sturdy, cheap, and most importantly looks great. Be sure to mix and match photo print sizes for a more organic looking effect, as it prevents them from being too uniform.

I also recommend using several photo ledges together, to give your family photo wall an added feeling of grandeur and importance.

Utilise Small Photo Holders for Decoration


Image credit: faire.com

Coffee tables, bedside tables, or any other work surfaces, often have a limited amount of space for decoration. But a simple way to elevate these areas, with a more personal touch, is with versatile photo holders like the ones displayed.

Photo and picture holders like this are a fun and cute way to display your old family photos, also having the added benefit of being interchangeable, giving you the option to switch out your family photographs whenever the mood takes you. 

These are also great for your mantel or shelves too, allowing photos to stand elegantly on display.

Personalise a Family Keepsake Box


Image credit: notonthehighstreet.com

It’s time for a complete left of field idea for displaying pictures of loved ones, using carefully curated image or keepsake boxes. They’re a fun design element that evokes intrigue about the story behind each memory within.

To make the box more personalised and unique, you can customise it in a few interesting ways, such as adding a favourite quote, drawing on a few floral decorations, or perhaps writing a little caption that’s straight from the heart.

Place these keepsakes in areas where your guests are most likely to see them, such as the living room or dining space. After all, you don't want them hidden away, what's the fun in that!


I'm sure there are plenty more family photo wall ideas that can be used in beautiful and creative ways, to enhance your living space. These were just some of my favourite picks.

Gone are the days of being limited to just a few ways to display family photos. It's now all about mixing modern and traditional ideas to create a room decor that has something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on personalising your home decor with these creative ideas for displaying family photos.