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Pet Products

We all love our pets (some of us more than our own children!) so we believe that quality pet products at good prices are a must for all pet owners.
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80" Solid Cat Tower Tree House - Grey
Our Price: £89.99
Out of Stock
Soft and Cosy Cat Radiator Bed - Grey
Our Price: £15.99 £17.99
Wooden Pet House for Small Animals
Our Price: £65.99
Save £8.00
Large Green Pet Food Storage Container & Scoop
Our Price: £36.99 £44.99
36" Waterproof 2 Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch
Our Price: £89.99
Out of Stock
30L Pet Food Storage Container - Black & Green
Our Price: £24.99 £29.99
Save £6.00
Large Pet Food Storage Container with Scoop - Grey
Our Price: £29.99 £35.99
Out of Stock
Save £2.40
Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Board - 46cm x 23cm
Our Price: £11.99 £14.39
Save £2.00
Warm and Soft Cat Radiator Bed - White
Our Price: £15.99 £17.99
Out of Stock
Waterloo Small Cosy Cotton Pet Bed - Pink
Our Price: £16.99
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